Drone Repair – Los Angeles

Do you own a drone and need repair? Don’t let manufacturer’s slow turn around cost you weeks of fun or thousands in lost work.

Why should you choose AerialPixels for your repairs?

At AerialPixels we know how technical issues and maybe even an occasional trees can get you down.  From firmware issues to major crash damage, we can restore your Phantom, Inspire, Matrice or S series to brand new condition. We only use brand new, original DJI parts. Our turn around for repairs is 1-3 days and all repairs are guaranteed. We know how important your rig is to you. Since we stake our reputation on reliability, quality and service, you can spool up and take off with confidence.

In addition to repairs we also can professionally install the most popular performance upgrades currently available.

  • Range extending antenna systems
  • vinyl wraps
  • custom camera mounts
  • external video transmitters
  • retractable landing gear
  • Tablet mounts
  • follow focus
  • lens modifications

What customers are saying about us

Fast response! Fast repairs! Cool dudes! Thanks to Aerialpixels, my Mavic Pro is back in the air again!
Kenneth Andrews
17:50 08 Jun 19
I had crashed my Mavic Pro and called Aerialpixels for help. They answered all of my questions and concerns promptly and professionally. When they received my damaged drone, they contacted me with the list of recommended repairs and an estimate.Aerialpixels quickly initiated the repairs once I gave them the OK. They took payment by credit card and had my drone back to me promptly. I took it for a test flight and everything is working perfectly once again...just like it was new.Thank you, Aerialpixels, for your excellent service. Simply outstanding.
Harry White
19:21 28 May 19
I've done dozens of UAS firmware updates on several OEM types over the years. I just had a perfectly good, but no longer supported DJI Phantom 3 Pro BRICKED by a firmware update and could not get any method to work. I found AerialPixels after searching for a few hours and gave them a call. Based on my description, Kavi and Calvin were confident they could get it working again and for a very fair price. UAV was tested and worked good as new. Will not hesitate to use or recommend their services. Excellent work and straightforward experience with AerialPixels. Thank you!
15:17 22 May 19
Great service, fast repairs and great prices!
scott plude
20:03 20 May 19
We had one of our Inspire 2’s gimbal ribbon cable go and needed a fast turn around. The guys got it done in less than 24 hours. We’ve never experienced customer service this good and fast. Highly recommended! Thanks guys
16:01 21 Apr 19
I cannot tell you how valuable my lesson with Joe was for me. I just took a 2 hour one-on-one course with Joe. When I got home I flew my Mavic Air solo for the first time and felt soooo much more confident with my new very expensive toy. Learned a Ton in just 2 hours. Will be back for more. Cannot put a price on peace of mind. Thank you brotha! 🤙🏼
20:58 10 Apr 19
This company is something else. I needed a last minute service and the company I usually go to was closed today. Joe answered my call and was happy to help. I showed up and he got right to work. Breath of fresh air and to be honest, I’m switching over to aerial pixels as my new go to. Simple, honest, good work. Extremely highly recommended. Ask Joe to tell you about his freak drone experiences.
Ben Shani
20:21 06 Apr 19
These guys have truly saved my *ss. Inspire 2 major crash... 2 other repair companies were too scared to even touch this. Aerial Pixels took it in their stride and really repaired it like new and even at a reasonable price!!! I have flown drones since 2012 and flown over 1000 hours. I recommend these guys above all others!!!
Empire Motion Pictures
21:58 25 Mar 19
I dropped my drone off for the shaking Gamble problem and I went to lunch. Took no time at all. Also got a great flight lesson for free. He probably noticed the physical damage and felt sorry for the Drone 😅😅😅. Great place and BTW, my drone is under the weather again, she'll be their soon.
Bright Collective
20:32 07 Feb 19
Am an Ohio pilot and owner of a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. I stopped in unannounced for a diagnostic check up. Joe was very informative and understanding, took his time and explained everything. After a system check and calibration went outside to do a test flight. Joe was with me all the way and kept informing me of items I should be aware of. Couldn't be more pleased with his attention to detail. This is by far the "go to" place for any drone issues or repairs. Hope I won't need his super service in the future, but if I do, I'll be confident of his integrity and skill level and will not waste my time and money on DJI repair services. Thank you Joe, you are a true gentleman!!!
Frank Budak
05:40 29 Nov 18
Highly recommend! I've dropped my drone yesterday for repair and with in 2 hours they inform me that my drone is ready for pick up. They were very helpful and quick. Also very honest person and the labor is reasonable. Excited to fly my bird these weekend. Thank you guys you are awesome 👍👍👍
Gary Abalos
04:15 15 Nov 18
Joe Papa gave great service and very informative and knows his stuff about filming. I wish I would have known the tips he gave when I first purchased my drone, It would have prevented me from crashing my drone. I am glad I found this place. I will definitely be using them for any future drone issues. Thanks Aerial Pixels and Joe Papa.
22:18 20 Oct 18
Joe and the team were very professional, assured me that they would fix the issue I was having with my drone, and they followed through within a turnaround time of less than 2 business days. Their rates were reasonable and they were also very helpful. Now I know who to come to if I ever have a technical issue with my drone. I'm extremely thankful that I found and chose to do business with Aerialpixels.
Garrett Goldenberg
07:31 10 Oct 18
These guys are wonderful! Best drone repair in LA County. Ive just had my second repair done (I know...) and they turned it around in less than 24 hours. They even told me about repairs that I could cut to save money but they told me why they recommended them. The team is extremely knowledgable, friendly as can be, and fast as hell!
Ezra Gentle
18:50 09 Oct 18
Joe and the team really took care of us fixing a couple drones for a last minute film shoot. The price was reasonable and level of knowledge and service was very high. Thank you Aerialpixels!
Ben Crippin Taylor
17:06 13 Sep 18
These folks are great!! Good customer service. Quick diagnosis on my Mavic Pro and great communication, via text, on the progress of the repair. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Rudolph Valadez
02:31 31 Aug 18
I was very fortunate to come across Aerial Pixels after I had an incident with my craft..Joe and the rest of the team took fantastic care of me. They were extremely knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the process of repairing my Inspire 2 and any other inquires I may have had. The turn around time was incredibly fast (not expected!) and the price was reasonable. I will definitely be a return client, hopefully not for the same issue I had before though! You will always be my top recommendation for repairs of these damn whirly birds. Thanks again
Lennox Moldaire
00:00 29 Aug 18
I showed up unannounced to ask for guidance about using drones for my fine art photography business and was extremely happy that I did. Joe stopped what he was doing and gave me about 30 mins of his time to discuss and demonstrate how various drones operate. He explained things extremely well and was very thorough. I look forward to doing business with them in the future and hopefully making it back to Los Angeles for extended lessons!
Alan Zakem
21:50 17 Aug 18
Unbelievable experience! I haven’t flown my Mavic in some time and when I tried, I first had to update the firmware. After the successful update, I lost the ability to focus the camera, change exposure and the video. With hours of research online wasted I was losing hope. Contacted DJI and after 2 hrs of jumping through hoops, they told me it had to be sent in for repair as the latest firmware has a known issue. I’ve never been so frustrated. I decided to give AerialPixels a try and not only were they aware of the problem, they were the only ones who knew the solution. One day later I’m back in the air and somehow they got it to work with the new firmware!Seriously can’t thank them enough!
Harith Peiris
21:56 15 Aug 18
Joe and Kim were amazing! I had a drone accident in North Carolina and had it fixed locally down there. Not only did that vendor not fix the issue, they actually created new problems during their repairs! None of this was obvious to me (no errors showing) but when Joe took my drone apart, he saw all the issues and was able to fix everything and was super nice and courteous! Definitely recommend!
Adam Finmann
22:32 14 Jul 18
These guys definitely are the best in the business. Don't waste your time with anyone else. They have a vast knowledge of drones and their turn-around time for repairs are really quick. They repair almost all brands of drones and build customs. Very easy to deal with and inexpensive. Do yourself a favor and call Aerial Pixels first!!
Jonathan The Drone Guy
01:22 12 Jul 18
Such quick and prompt help. They are so kind and helpful! They are organized and offer all kinds of advice for all levels of drone users. Love everything about my experience with them. So excited to fly my fixed drone!!!
Brian Terada
19:39 12 Jun 18
So glad I found someone so dependable and so close to my house! Amazing!!! The only place you need to go if you have drone questions or if you need your drone repaired!! 10 stars if I could!!!
Jay Lopez
22:04 08 Jun 18
My Mavic pro was getting gimbal vibration errors. After hours in the forums trying everything imaginable, I decided to give AerialPixels a try. Stopped by their shop expecting an expensive bill. They took the time to listen to my problem, then powered everything up in front of me to confirm and document everything. I felt extremely relieved, and instantly knew I came to the right place. A quick test flight and Joe instantly knew the problem. Turns out the carbon fiber props were unbalanced. With a new set of props installed the problem was gone! Best of all, the support, advice and the solution took less than 15 minutes and they didn't even charge me! AerialPixels is amazing! Thank you!!!
Taylor Johnson
21:29 06 Jun 18
Just received my Inspire 2 completely fixed from Joe and Aerial Pixels after two failed attempts and 50 + days of delay from other DJI official repair shops. Couldn't say more about the knowledge and efficiency this place has with diagnosing and correcting problems after my crash. Well worth an inquiry and will be doing business with them again, just hopefully not under the same circumstances 🙂
Andy Morin
14:20 24 May 18
I was out flying my Mavic Pro in the desert and had a rough landing. The gimbal was twisted up and the camera wouldn’t work. Found Aerial Pixels on google and trusted the previous reviews. I came in and met with Joe he was great and told me the gimbal was dirty with some sand and that was it. It was great to hear it was an easy fix and nothing else and Joe was honest about it just being that easy fix. It took 2 days for the whole process. When I picked it up he gave us some tips on how to prevent harsh landings and also told us about his drone class which is something we might do in the future. This is a great spot with trustworthy people I will definitely come back if something else comes up.
Kyle Schmidt
20:49 11 May 18
Thank you very much for the next help !! I appeal to this company a second time and the second one is assisted for this to you many thanks !! my drone also thanks you! 😉👍🏼 I will recommend you all! good and prosperity to you !! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼👌🏼👍🏼🙌🏼very helpful staff! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Aleksei Starikov
23:45 27 Apr 18
Was in town on vacation and crashed my drone, he was able to fix it the next day. He proceeded to stay late for me to pick it up when I got stuck in traffic on the way there and then spent time with me after that to go over some flying tips. Great customer service and staff. Would highly recommend. Thanks Joe for all your help, you are a lifesaver!
Isaac Duran
01:04 29 Mar 18
Aerialpixels are incredible folks. Crashed my drone over New Years and thought it was done. Took it in expecting the worst and within a week it was fixed and back up flying. Not only nice guys but knowledgeable as well. Thanks again for your help and great service.
Ben Corlett
00:20 04 Mar 18
Fast turn-around time, walked through all the work they did, showing HOW they resolved the issues, etc. definitely recommending them to any drone owner
Ryan Resatka
01:05 21 Feb 18
If they would allow me to pick six stars I would. I had some training in the LA area and was driving there from the Salt Lake City. I purchased a used Iinspire 1, which needed some repairs and I just wanted a professional to look through it and give it a once-over if there was anything else that may have been wrong with it. I knew I needed to find somebody in California close to my route that could fix my drone and that I trusted. I talked to Joe in the service department before I started the travels and he was the most helpful person I've met in the Drone industry so far. He knew the Drone inside and out and quickly did a turn around repair and his experience and knowledge is second to none. I would recommend these guys above anyone. There are people that you meet and you can tell quickly that they care about what they do for a living and what they are passionate about and these guys are passionate about what they do for a living. I just wish they had a store a little closer to me.
Russ Harmon
02:55 07 Feb 18
I would recommend this place to anybody, Joe is super friendly and helpful and got my Mavic Pro within one hour and works perfect and also showed me few short cuts ad wellThank you Joe.
Sanduni Muhandiramge
23:17 30 Jan 18
Great shop! Extremely helpful and knowledgable. And quick! I thought my drone repair would take a few days, but they had it back to me in 24 hours. Highly recommend this shop.
Derek Whitacre
20:29 10 Jan 18
Had a problem of major jello in my videos lately. I was referred by a fellow drone pilot, he said ask for Joe. Spoke with Joe and over the phone he walked me thru the fix. Thanks Joe!! EXCELLENT!!
Danno #dflyguy Metoyer
01:46 10 Jan 18
I consistently go out of my way to make it to Canoga Park to see these guys. Joe and Kavi are ALWAYS super helpful, knowledgeable AND at a great price point. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need (I know I do) and they'll gladly answer them with patience to help you understand. Whether it's a small handheld drone or a film rig these guys have it covered. I HIGHLY recommend dropping by if you need anything drone-related.
Carl Bogan
03:50 20 Dec 17
Been here a couple times now and there isn’t any other place I would be comfortable getting work done. Our Inspire II and Phantom 4 have both been repaired and are like new again, thanks to Joe at Aerial Pixels. From simply battery problems to our Inspire II rebuild, Joe is the only person I have had the faith in to do the job, he knows the business and is extremely helpful if your new to the industry. I recently had a small repair done (Inspire II battery issue) and I came to the shop, Joe fixed it in 30 min and I was on my way. I highly recommend Aerial Pixels, don’t trust your expensive equipment anywhere else.
Clovr Design
01:25 19 Dec 17
Aerial Pixels L.L.C. are AMAZING !!!!Crashed my Mavic Pro but did not know where to send for repairs. I didn't want to deal with DJI due to their low response time with repairs so decided to do some research when I came across AerialPixels. Took a chance and I’m so glad I did. Their communication, workmanship on repairs and prices were exceptional. They completed and had my MP back to me within 4 days. Thanks a lot for the service Joe, I'm definitely a happy customer. See ya, gotta go flying !I HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!!!!!!WILLEAST COAST, USA
Willie Mambo
10:07 18 Oct 17
My experience with Joe was everything you've read - incredibly professional, FAST (repaired a broken arm within 4hrs same day!) and he went above and beyond to deliver the drone to my wife just after his closing time. Really amazing in every way. Thanks so much joe!
Martin Frankel
19:42 24 Sep 17
I used Aerialpixels to repair my Inspire One after a crash and I would highly recommend using this company. Joe in drone repair was a pleasure to work with as he is an excellent communicator. For example, he continued to update me on the status of my repair via email and on the phone. He was very patient with me on the phone and I never felt rushed. From speaking with Joe multiple times, it was clearly obvious that this company takes pride in their work and they want to be sure the customer is happy. I live in NJ and I shipped my unit to this company for the repair. It was well worth it and I would definitely use them again in the future. You will not be disappointed with this company.
Jim Komsa
21:09 23 Sep 17
I highly recommend Aerial Pixels! I am delighted with both the service and the price. I probably have the oldest drone in the air and didn't want to spend a lot of money to repair it. Joe also gave me some good tips while he was working on it.
Laura O'Neal
23:12 29 Aug 17
These guys are wonderful!!!! Fixed my drone fast and kept me updated on the progress which I really appreciated. It was done when they said it would be and most importantly it was done right. Very knowledgeable staff and they are trustworthy. When u walk in you can just feel the professionalism and that made me feel comfortable to do business with them he first time. Thanks guys!!!!🤝👍
Wes7end Records
21:21 31 Jul 17
Amazing place! I had seen them online before but never thought much of it until I needed urgent help with my drone. A DJI firmware problem that I struggled with for over 7 hours, they were able to fix in under 1 hour. Extremely thankful! I needed to use the drone later that same day and was nervous about how long the repair would take. It was done in no time at all. They really make the most out of the service time you are paying for. I didn't get their names but they were a great pair of guys!
jorge patino
20:40 28 Jul 17
These guys are the greatest! Joe did a rush repair on my Mavic Pro so I could still take it to Cancun for my vacation. I thought I was going to have to send it to China but no. Joe saved me! Thanks Joe! If I ever need repair (hope I don't) I'm definitely coming back. Nice people and great service. I can't thank you enough.
Brian El
20:41 20 Jul 17
THE BEST!!! Look no further. My son is leaving on a trip and we have been on phone all morning sorting out a problem with his phantom 3 drone. Joe took care of this in 5 minutes. Unbelievable. Well worth the 40 minute drive to get here. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!
Chareen Kossoff
20:36 05 Jul 17
These guys go WAY above and beyond. I was in a rush to get my Mavic Pro fixed in time for my daughters wedding video. To get a part in on time Joe (not the owner) ordered a part, over night, on his personal debit card. Then he was willing to work after hours to get it fixed for me. They replied to emails after hours and on holidays. Super helpful, professional and responsive. Highly recommend. Five stars plus!
Trevor Jones
18:15 05 Jul 17
Why would you go anywhere else? Joe is a straight guy who knows his stufff. I brought in my Inspire 1 for a motor replacement on A Wednesday and today, Friday it's ready and here's the great part, I didn't need the motor after all. Joe saved me some good money and I'm so appreciative of his honesty. This is why I won't go anywhere else, neither should you. Thank you Joe.
tim mcnicol
00:10 01 Jul 17
Brought my DJI Phantom drone in for repairs after a bad crash. I called first and very impressed with their knowledge and customer service. Then I drove 2.5 hours here from San Clemente, CA to drop off my drone for emergency repairs. Now my drone is back to 100% operational!!! EVERYTHING works perfect!!!I highly recommend.
Kenny Tenny
19:51 30 Jun 17
I'm very satisfied with their service. Joe is an amazing technician. He has gave me tips on how to take care of my drone as I'll be travelling for 2 years. I would strongly recommend to go this place if your drone have any problem!
Mun Hong Chen
19:47 29 Jun 17
I came to the shop and they repaired my drone these guys are seriously the best I recommend bringing your drone here for any repairs and also to learn how to fly 5stars isn't enough they need a million
I can only say my experience with Joe at Aerialpixels was great. The knowledge he has and helpfullness he displayed was appreciated. My Phantom 3 Pro was fixed in very short time and at a very reasonable cost!! They've earned a repeat customer in me for sure!!
18:03 26 Jun 17
Very good experience. Helpful with great customer service. Dont mind the drive when at the end i come home happy.
harry tapia
17:33 24 Jun 17
Wow, i have to say that aerial pixels has the best customer service of any tech company out there. They repaired my ronin thumbstick controllers in a rush because i had a shoot the following day and even decided to wave the $75 repair fee. So accomodating and friendly. I highly recommend purchasing their products. Well designed and they stand behind their products and are super helpful.
Markus Madlangbayan
21:57 23 Jun 17
If you are looking for an HONEST, RELIABLE & FAST drone repair place. Then look no further. These guys have the knowledge but not only that they are friendly. My Mavic Pro's flex cable came unplugged without me knowing, these guys could have easily said it was broken and repaired the full thing but no they are honest and only charged me for the labour for the hour it took them to do it! We need more places like this! Thanks guys!
08:11 21 Jun 17
I was referred to Aerial Pixels by a friend who said they were "the best in the business." And they are that and more. Definitely exceeded my expectations. These guys are the real deal, Pros. The service is excellent. I will definitely be back!
Barbara Stratte
22:01 20 Jun 17
These guys are great a real one on one run through my Inspire 2 settings to help with a RC issue I was having... Nice shop too.. Forget DJI service
Ronin Rs211
23:21 17 Jun 17
Great service, nice people, super helpful! 5/5 stars!!
Jaidin Tharanee
22:43 15 Jun 17
Great work and excellent service. Much cheaper than going through the DJI. Thanks guys.
Graham Waldo
19:46 13 Jun 17
Best place in LA for drone repair and parts. Everyone is super helpful and professional, only going here from now on!
Joel Nix
23:53 26 May 17
These guys are great!My DJI Phantom 3 was not connecting to my RC after I accidentally left my drone powered on when I put it back in its storage case. The battery overheated and fried the receiver module in the drone.Aerialpixels diagnosed the problem immediately and ordered a new receiver module. From dropoff to pickup they kept me informed every step of the way with their online repair ticket system. I knew when my drone was being diagnosed, what parts had been ordered and what the price would be.I didn't pay anything until my drone was 100% fixed and they tested it in front of me.I am a busy pilot shooting real estate so every day without a drone is lost revenue, I appreciated their knowledge and efficiency...I was flying again less than an hour after I left their store and my repaired drone performed flawlessly!To top it all off I was running late when I dropped my drone off for repair...I called ahead and they kept the store open just for me. That's great customer service!! I felt well taken care of.
Mark Corcoran
06:25 25 May 17

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