Drone Repair Q&A

Q. Why should I have my drone repaired at AerialPixels?

A. We provide guaranteed, low cost repairs in as little as 24 hours. Our BBB and Google ratings are unrivaled because we believe service and customer satisfaction are #1.

Q. Are you an authorized DJI repair facility?

A. No. We believe you deserve better.

– We are real repair techs and not assembly line part swappers. Factory service centers work in high volume and rely on keeping internal costs low. Drone manufacturers overseas would much rather swap parts or even your entire drone for a refurbished one than pay a skilled technician to troubleshoot each specific problem in an effort to save you money.

 One example is camera damage. If a ribbon cable is torn in a gimbal that costs $8 to manufacture in China, an factory authorized repair center can pay a part swapper minimum wage to quickly swap the part with a refurb gimbal and charge the customer full retail value which can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our techs can evaluate your drone to determine what parts were actually damaged and provide you will all your options, not just the one that empties your wallet.

 – In many cases we can offer you repair options that factory authorized repair centers simply can’t  due to time constraints, labor rates or lack of skill.

– Our techs take the time to speak with you regarding your repair before performing a comprehensive diagnostic to ensure no issue is missed.

– Your repair will never be shipped around the world to be fixed while you wait weeks or months in limbo.

– The drone you drop off is the drone you get back. No refurbed parts or magic tricks here.

–  Every repair must pass a 62 point inspection and be fully tested before delivery so you can fly with confidence.

Q.How do I get my drone to you for repair?

A. Easy! Just stop in to our Los Angeles location or ship your entire drone to us via FedEx, UPS or USPS. Don’t have time? We can email you a FedEx label. Just bring it with you to a local FedEx pack and ship location and they’ll take care of the rest!

Q. Do I need an appointment to drop off my drone?

A. Appointments are not necessary. Just stop in M-F 10am-5pm or Sat 10-3

Q. How long will my repair take?

A. We stock all the most common replacement parts and are sensitive to your needs. Repairs are usually completed in 3 days or less. If we need to order a specific part, we ask you to allow up to 10 days.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Until we see your drone, its very difficult to say. Repair labor on most DJI products is just $75-$150 plus parts, tax and shipping.

Q. Do you charge a diagnosis or diagnostic fee?

A. Great question! By the time you call us, chances are you’ve already spent a considerable amount of time online researching your issue.
Maybe you’re wondering why it crashed in the first place so you can avoid the issue again.
Our diagnostic fee covers up to 45 minutes of time for our master tech to go through your drone front to back. Not only will your issue be quickly pinpointed,
you can rest assured that nothing will be missed that can ruin your upcoming flight. Your repair will operate like new… Guaranteed!

Best of all, a diagnostic fee only applies if you choose to NOT have your drone repaired. Repair estimates are emailed for your review and approval, and you’ll
be updated every step of the way.

Q. Is the repair guaranteed?

A. All repairs are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 14 days on parts and labor 100%.

Q. What do I need to include with the repair?

A. Everything you’d need to fly it except your memory card, propellers or smart phone.

Q. Do you offer a rush repair service?

A. For professional pilots earning a living with their drone we offer same day service for an additional $99.

Q. How can I check on my repair status?

A. All repair status updates are sent via email. From check in to completion, you’ll be updated every step of the way.

Q. Do you repair only DJI products?

A. We can repair any drone as long as the parts are available. We do specialize in DJI products.

Q. Do you offer tech support?

A. We love to offer a helping hand and advice to all our customers. If your problem is more time consuming or ongoing, paid support is available both in person, on set or via web chat.

Q. What is the best way to contact AerialPixels if I have a question?

A. Give us a call anytime or send us a live support request on our site. For order status, special requests or other specific inquiries, please visit our contact page.

Q. What classes do you offer and what can I expect to learn?

A. We offer private and group classes to all skill levels of drone pilots from newbies to Hollywood directors. Private lessons are highly focused on your exact needs and will catapult your confidence, skill and knowledge in just a few hours.Our students often call it life changing. 

  – DJI Go APP Master class

 – Top 10 reasons people crash and how to avoid it

  – What to do when things go wrong

 – Photography and cinematography 

 – Flight instruction

 – Single / dual operator communication

 – Working with clients

 – Photo and video editing

 – Soldering classes

…And much more

Q. Can’t I just watch Youtube videos and learn the same thing?

A. We have yet to find videos containing a fraction of the information we’re willing to share. Unboxing videos, reviews or basic overviews are a far cry from what you’ll learn in a live one on one workshop. You’ll learn more in 2 hours with us than in two years on your own…guaranteed.