Custom Drone Setup, Upgrades & Repair

AerialPixels is your heavy-lift custom rig repair headquarters. No other team has more experience with these monster machines and complicated configurations than us.

We understand that pro’s need their gear to work in brutal conditions without compromise. Quite often throughout your career the need to add other components, modify or upgrade your rigs capabilities, tune or program advanced radio functions will arise. Don’t waste weeks digging through hundreds of pages online trying to uncover the answers while your companies profits are put on hold. Call AerialPixels today and speak to the pros who provide support, custom electronics, and no compromise solutions to Hollywood, the U.S. Military and law enforcement.

Custom Drone Setup, Upgrades & Repair

Custom gimbals and tuning for:

  • NDVI
  • Thermal
  • Infrared
  • Dual Cameras
  • Robotics
  • Rovers

Data Collection

  • Data logging
  • Vibration analyzers
  • Mapping and repeatable motion control
  • Complex long range repeatersRadio and Power
  • 433 Mhz conversions for Urban, congested areas or beyond visual range

Advanced Radio Mixing and Transmission

  • Antenna trackers
  • Radio programming for dual operators
  • Pilot to pilot handoff
  • Radio mixing, speed dials for camera motion

Power Distribution

  • Power taps
  • Voltage regulators

CAD/CAM Services

  • Design
  • Prototypes
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC fabrication

What customers are saying about us on Google

Fast response! Fast repairs! Cool dudes! Thanks to Aerialpixels, my Mavic Pro is back in the air again!
Kenneth Andrews
17:50 08 Jun 19
I had crashed my Mavic Pro and called Aerialpixels for help. They answered all of my questions and concerns promptly and professionally. When they received my damaged drone, they contacted me with the list of recommended repairs and an estimate.Aerialpixels quickly initiated the repairs once I gave them the OK. They took payment by credit card and had my drone back to me promptly. I took it for a test flight and everything is working perfectly once again...just like it was new.Thank you, Aerialpixels, for your excellent service. Simply outstanding.
Harry White
19:21 28 May 19
I've done dozens of UAS firmware updates on several OEM types over the years. I just had a perfectly good, but no longer supported DJI Phantom 3 Pro BRICKED by a firmware update and could not get any method to work. I found AerialPixels after searching for a few hours and gave them a call. Based on my description, Kavi and Calvin were confident they could get it working again and for a very fair price. UAV was tested and worked good as new. Will not hesitate to use or recommend their services. Excellent work and straightforward experience with AerialPixels. Thank you!
15:17 22 May 19
Great service, fast repairs and great prices!
scott plude
20:03 20 May 19
We had one of our Inspire 2’s gimbal ribbon cable go and needed a fast turn around. The guys got it done in less than 24 hours. We’ve never experienced customer service this good and fast. Highly recommended! Thanks guys
16:01 21 Apr 19
I cannot tell you how valuable my lesson with Joe was for me. I just took a 2 hour one-on-one course with Joe. When I got home I flew my Mavic Air solo for the first time and felt soooo much more confident with my new very expensive toy. Learned a Ton in just 2 hours. Will be back for more. Cannot put a price on peace of mind. Thank you brotha! 🤙🏼
20:58 10 Apr 19
This company is something else. I needed a last minute service and the company I usually go to was closed today. Joe answered my call and was happy to help. I showed up and he got right to work. Breath of fresh air and to be honest, I’m switching over to aerial pixels as my new go to. Simple, honest, good work. Extremely highly recommended. Ask Joe to tell you about his freak drone experiences.
Ben Shani
20:21 06 Apr 19
These guys have truly saved my *ss. Inspire 2 major crash... 2 other repair companies were too scared to even touch this. Aerial Pixels took it in their stride and really repaired it like new and even at a reasonable price!!! I have flown drones since 2012 and flown over 1000 hours. I recommend these guys above all others!!!
Empire Motion Pictures
21:58 25 Mar 19
I dropped my drone off for the shaking Gamble problem and I went to lunch. Took no time at all. Also got a great flight lesson for free. He probably noticed the physical damage and felt sorry for the Drone 😅😅😅. Great place and BTW, my drone is under the weather again, she'll be their soon.
Bright Collective
20:32 07 Feb 19





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