DJI Care Refresh Experience

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Recently DJI began offering an add on protection service to reduce repair expenses for drone pilots. As a leading repair facility based in Los Angeles, we receive repairs from across the USA. Many of the DJI products we repair are submitted by owners who purchased the DJI Care Refresh and have opted to not use it. A quick Google search for “DJI Care Refresh experiences” will certainly give you plenty of reasons why, however online forums are often riddled with posts from those with bad experiences. Customers with great experiences rarely post in these forums so we thought it would be helpful to give you our perspective based on facts so you can make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing DJI Care Refresh or filing a claim.

If you’re about to lay down your hard earned cash on a new DJI drone, coming up with the extra funds can be a real stretch for some consumers. Keep in mind that once your drone is powered up and the DJI Go 4 App connects to the internet, you have just 48 hours to register a DJI Care refresh service to that drones serial number. If you miss that opportunity, DJI offers a more involved method of proof where you must submit a video of the drone in the air operating. DJI Care Refresh coverage lasts for 12 months and cannot be renewed. The cost is based on the DJI aircraft you’re planning on covering, and costs range from $59 – $299 dollars. Under the plan you can receive two replacement products in the 12 months. While there is no deductible, DJI does charge you a fee each time you send in a drone for replacement. However you want to word the fine print, it sure sounds like a deductible to us! The fee varies from $49 – $209 the time and costs up to $329 the second time. Prices in Europe, UK and AU may vary. If you have an aircraft like the Inspire 2, the gimbal must be covered under a separate policy and has its own associated replacement fees.

In addition, there are a list of exclusions where DJI will deny your claim and provide you with a repair estimate instead.


DJI Care Refresh does not cover the following:
1) Lost or partially lost aircraft, gimbal or accessories.
2) Stolen, forgotten, or abandoned product.
3) Damage caused by flight under unsuitable conditions.
4) Remote controller, battery of Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Advanced, and modification accessories.
5) Deliberate losses.
6) Abrasions and shell damage that do not affect the performance of the product.
7) Direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure.
8) Replacement requests for damage incurred outside the period of validity.
9) Extra fees resulting from technical enhancements or performance improvements.
10) Damage resulting from modifications that are not in accordance with manual recommendations, or the use of incompatible batteries and charger.
11) Damage resulting from the use of third party accessories, batteries or software.


Based on the information provided above, you may be unsure if DJI Care Refresh is a good investment. In certain circumstances we feel the DJI Care Refresh provides peace of mind when a crash is catastrophic, particularly on a more expensive model. Cameras like that found on the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro are very expensive. Having the plan can provide much needed financial relief when the parts hit the pavement.


What if I need it repaired right now?

The reason many pilots are skipping out on DJI’s replacement plan for routine repairs is quite simple. Most of our customers that the process is cumbersome and time consuming, often taking weeks longer than initially projected. Others are put off by DJI’s habit of replacing your drone with a different one thats “like new” instead of repairing the original.


What if my claim is denied?

Customers who’ve endured the process of filing a claim and been denied are presented with a factory repair estimate at their weakest emotional state. Feeling hopeless they accept the repair costs and bite the bullet. The fact that DJI makes some repair parts impossible to obtain for self repair, it’s no wonder why customers are frustrated and unhappy.

Repairs options are available!

Like any repair on your car, home or electronic product, repair options that meet or even exceed factory standards are available. As a 5 star Google rated repair facility, we understand how important it is to get back in the air. Your job, vacation or business may depend on it. If you have DJI Care Refresh we recommend hanging on to your two replacements for dire emergencies. Wasting it on routine, low cost repairs can leave you heartbroken should you encounter a serious crash after your Refresh plan runs out or expires. Before you contact DJI, consider professional repair service options like AerialPixels. Repairs are guaranteed and more affordable than you may expect. With same day service available it’s great to know you have options when you’re in a jam.




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