Joystick Controller for Phobotic Centerpiece Controller V2


Joystick Controller for Phobotic Centerpiece Controller

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Joystick controller for Phobotic Centerpiece and Centerpiece HV Controller. Proportional control of Pitch and Yaw axis. Dual rate operation via joystick push button. 3rd channel operates similar to 3 position switch in a RC Radio.

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Dual Rate – Dual SpeedThe joystick will start up on normal or full rate mode and will operate the Gimbal at the speed set by the Phobotic GUI. A simple double-click on the button will reduce the travel speed by half on the fly. By setting a higher speed in the software and having the ability to reduce the speed without using the software on the fly will make complex movements a breeze. The double-click feature will cycle between full and half speed each time without interrupting the gimbal movement. For an example, start panning fast – double-click – pan slow.3rd Channel Operation By clicking the button 3 times in a row the mode can be switched on the fly just like using the mode switch in the RC controller.At power on the joystick will start onPosition 1 :3 clicks Position 2:

3 clicks

Position 3:

3 Clicks

Position 2…..

3 Clicks

Position 1….



Voltage input: 5V to 42V DC
Output: 3 Channels – PWM Center Calibrated
Power Connector: JST


Joystick Controller for Phobotic Centerpiece Controller V2

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