DJI Ronin S Thumb Stick – Joystick


Proportional Dual Rate Thumb Controller for DJI Ronin S

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Proportional Dual Rate Thumb Controller for DJI Ronin S

360 Degree Movement

Our thumb control allows for 360 degree movement. Easily combine pan and tilt together by simply moving the stick diagonally.  Need to tilt down while you pan at the same time? With AerialPixels these epic cinematic camera movements are at your finger tips.  No other thumb control offers this much creative freedom!

3D Control with Dual Joystick options!

Add a second controller to your rig and unlock AerialPixels 3D control. Create dynamic and creative shots never before possible. Control pan, tilt and roll simultaneously. All this while still maintaining full access to advanced functions with a click. For more info on 3D control click here.

 Advanced options with a click

With a simple press of the button ( double click) you can effortlessly change speeds


At AerialPixels we know what it’s like to arrive on set for a 4am call time. You deserve gear thats dead reliable, hassle free and second nature to use. We designed our joysticks to perform for years of trouble free operation under rigorous professional use. The case is CNC machined from billet aircraft aluminum and black anodized. All components are hand assembled and bolted together before being sealed. Only the highest quality and most flexible silicone high temp wire is used and all internal connections are hand soldered.


  • Proportional control of Pitch and Yaw
  • Simultaneous operation of both axis at the same time. (diagonal movement)
  • On-the-fly dual rate (2 speed) by button click
  • On-the-fly invert joystick direction
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Matte Black Finish
  • Single cable connection to DJI Ronin S D-BUS input
  • Red LED Power Indicator
  • Plug-N-Play Operation*
  • 65CM Soft and lightweight silicone cable
  • Weight 65g
  • Metric tools for Mounting the Joystick Included (2mm and 2.5mm metric allen wrench)
  • UPC: 867311000132


Joystick for Ronin S

Joystick Features

  • Dual Speed /Rate Mode
  • Axis Invert

Changing Speed / Rate

By clicking down on the joystick twice (2 clicks) you can go back between full and half operating speed.

How To Change Speed

  • Double Click the Joystick > Half Speed
  • Double Click the Joystick > Full Speed
  • Double Click the Joystick > Half Speed
  • ………

Note: The joystick ships in full speed mode (full throw). The joystick also remembers your last choice even when you power off the gimbal or remove the joystick from the Ronin. Example: If you changed the speed the half speed and then power down the Ronin, next time you power up the speed will be half speed. To change back to full speed double click (2 clicks) on the joystick.

Invert Joystick Direction

If you would like to invert any axis without using the Ronin Assistant, you can use the following click sequence.

                Pitch(Tilt) Axis

  • 4 Clicks will invert the Pitch(Tilt) Axis
  • 4 Clicks will revert
  • ……

                Yaw(Pan) Axis

  • 5 Clicks will invert the Yaw(Pan) Axis
  • 5 Clicks will revert
  • ….

Note: The Joystick will remember the last state of sticks direction at power off.

Note: All changes to functions except the speed setting, will be saved to the joystick non-volatile memory.

Additional information

Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 2.3 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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