Alexmos Wireless Joystick Connection and Setup

Always turn on the transmitter before turning on the receiver. If everything is working properly the RED Link light at the center of the receiver should be on and steady.


Match the following connections to the inputs on your Alexmos board

Alexmos Wireless Joystick Wiring



Menu button connection

The menu button connection will have 2 pins but the wireless joystick is only using one of them. Identify the the ground and the signal wire for the menu button. The ground pin will always have a square shape copper pad or screen print like below. Plug in the menu button signal wire (yellow) to the round pin.


Alexmos Wireless Joystick Menu Button



Binding the Wireless Joystick to the Receiver

If you loose the BIND between the wireless transmitter and the receiver you will have to BIND them together using the supplied BIND plug.

  1. Turn on the transmitter
  2. Power up the receiver
  3. Make sure the Link light is not on and steady.
  4. Insert the bind plug and once the link light starts to blink unplug the bind plug
  5. Link light will continue to blink for few seconds and will turn solid once the BIND is complete

If you have trouble binding please repeat steps 1 to 5 one more time.