Professional Aerial Cinematography

The Aerialpixels Difference

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take your production to the next level with cutting edge drone technology. You undoubtedly have questions, a host of concerns, and of course a budget.  Our products, expertise and experience in the industry is unrivaled. Pro’s worldwide have come to trust us for our honest advice, training, products and service. More than just a drone company, our solutions for stabilized camera capture will cover your needs seamlessly from ground to air.

Capture your vision

Drones are a highly prized tool for data acquisition, high resolution images and stunning Hollywood video.  The resulting footage can leave your audience mesmerized, redefine your business and separate you from the competition.  Our elite pilots have decades of experience behind the lens and will understand how to translate your vision into a symphony of coordination. Exceed your expectations on time and under budget.

Shatter Creative Limitation

Are drone shots leaving you feeling a bit “Un-Inspired?” Is a drone the best tool for your needs?  With an arsenal of stabilized camera options, AerialPixels always has the right tool for the job and the ability to link them together. We’ll help you capture the shots that satisfy your desire to push the envelope, dazzle your clients, and leave your audience begging for BTS footage.


AerialPixels team members are a different breed and shatter conventional thinking. With backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, CAD / CAM design, machining and fabrication we build whatever we need. When the same individuals are also professional photographers, cinematographers and elite pilots with years of professional experience…the barriers between artistic and technical are shattered.  We don’t know if it’s something in the water, a quantum physics thing or genetics, but the talent is astonishing and its all under one roof. Since the pilot, camera operator and VO build, configure and maintain their equipment, technical concerns are a thing of the past. Our chief Pilot also flies commercial single rotor and fixed wing aircraft. We are FAA 333 Exempted and carry FAA part 107 Pilot in command license for commercial use and are approved for closed set filming.


At AerialPixels safety is paramount. Our safety protocols exceed the FAA standards and prevent delays in your production.  As a full service and repair facility, we can spot concerns long before it causes a problem or incident. All aircraft are carefully designed to carry the payload you need and still fly should a motor or electronic speed control fail. Every airframe is meticulously inspected after a shoot and parts are replaced at scheduled intervals as a preventative measure. 

During scout planning we carefully consider vantage points, VO position, environmental factors and even RF interference.  Should your proposed shot raise risk levels or sacrifice safety of talent, crew, property or equipment, our team will quickly evaluate and suggest a solution. You get the shot, we minimize the risk.


At AerialPixels we understand the time and cost associated with a multi-million dollar production. To ensure technical issues do not impact your carefully planned schedule, AerialPixels will never arrive to your set with one aircraft. In fact we often bring three along with extra generators, chargers, batteries and components to complete a repair if the need arises. Cables of every imaginable gender and type are always in our arsenal to assist production even if the issue is unrelated to our equipment. AerialPixels has you covered.


Take the next step

Regardless of your production demands or professional needs, AerialPixels is here to help. Whether you’re planning the next Hollywood blockbuster or a new pilot who needs advice, the answers you’re looking for are a phone call away. Call 800 411 9635 today and take the first step towards success.