FAA Part 107 Training

Become a FAA Certified Drone Pilot!

Part 107 –  A radical departure from all other Part 107 classes. At AerialPixels our Part 107 workshop doesn’t teach you just enough to pass the exam with flying colors, we prepare you for every aerial job you book. Prepare yourself  for an intense day of training. Learn from the best drone and fixed wing pilots in the world. Get deep insight into the real world of handling Part 107 procedures on set and with clients. Learn critical skill and tricks not covered by other simplistic approaches focused on only passing the exam.

Designed to both prepare you for testing and beyond, this workshop is ideal for both new pilots and existing Part 107 and 333 Exception holders. Don’t spend your hard earned money on training to pass the exam only to be left wondering what you actually need to do on the job.

Course Curriculum

  • Workshop covers all the FAA recommended study guide materials
  • A full understanding of aeronautical charts, abbreviations and symbols
  • Contacting Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Understanding radio frequency channels
  • Decode NOTAMS easily
  • Monitoring other aircraft
  • Drone safety related to 107
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance logs
  • Software APPs to make your life easier
  • Spotting invisible problems before you fly
  • Three practice exams will be completed
  • Q&A session
  • Inside coaching from our world class pilot
  • Filing a Part 107 waiver for common scenarios you will encounter
  • Equipment you should have

“A completely different perspective on Part 107 not covered in any other class I found online” – Nathan J.