Drone Consulting Services

AerialPixels Drone Consultants – Your Aerial Business Coach & Advisor

Corporate and private business entities in the industrial sector are integrating drone technology across the globe to automate tasks, lower costs, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.  With an AerialPixels Aerial Advisor on your side, your company leverages decades of indispensable knowledge and experience.

Phase I – Conceptual implementation

For business entities as the conceptual stage of drone implementation. Explore ways to most effectively harness this ever evolving technology, get concrete data on performance, limitations and ROI.

Phase II Equipment

This technology is particularly beneficial when purpose built for your companies exact need. We will carefully consider both your intended use as well as storage, transportation, payload and flight time to future-proof your investment and ensure you get the most appropriate equipment for your goals. In addition, software applications synergistic to your equipment will be proposed to most effectively translate and interpret the captured data.

Phase III Operations

Once the scope of use is defined and equipment is considered, let us layout the framework for a cohesive operations plan. Your team will need comprehensive methods of procedure on storage, transportation, deployment and more. What type of vehicles may be required, climate control considerations, power and more.

Phase IV Training

AerialPixels can also provide your team with the latest training both one on one or in a class environment. Get your team certified, licensed and fully trained. Protect your investment and reputation with a full scope of ongoing education.

Phase V Maintenance

Your team will learn how to perform routine checks, maintenance and repairs. Ensure your equipment is always in top condition to extract peak performance and eliminate risk associated with preventable damage

Stay abreast of the the most up to date legal considerations specific to your needs. Tap into our network of specialized attorneys who can both guide and represent you in this highly focused niche.