Ready to Fly Drone Build Service

“We are passionate about performance, reliability and safety.
We believe it’s our duty to test and re-test products before we sell to you, the client!”

Turn-Key Custom Builds at AerialPixels

AerialPixels builds FAA Part 107 compliant custom rigs for even the most grueling commercial applications. With data from thousands of hours of actual flights, only components and combinations proven to meet or exceed MTF specs* in military applications are used. All heavy-lift builds are designed to exceed your payload requirements by 60% to ensure operational temperatures and performance remain in below critical level under extreme circumstances.

Compromises can be costly. Get the ultimate in performance, reliability and safety. Ensure your sUas is built only at AerialPixels.

Clients that trust AerialPixels include:

  • Universities like Harvard and MIT
  • Montreal Crime Lab
  • Governmental agencies


*MTF Mean time to failure is a manufacturers expect average life span in hours for a product.

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